Friday, April 20, 2012

Turkey Lurkey...........

Even though we have 5 acres here on the "Cottage on the Hill", we just can't be called a farm. Oh yes, we do have a large garden, a "barn", and yes livestock. I guess I can call our 2 little dogs livestock. Can't I? The 1st person that wants to butcher my dogs, can hop off line now :). Bo and Bear are my little protectors. As I am writing this, they both were in the kitchen barking endlessly. I just figured they saw their reflections in the back door. I got up to check on them and what do I see but 4 deer walking past the back door, the automatic security lighting went on and they just trotted by like they didn't care about the spotlights being on. I assume there were more before them since the dogs had been barking before I even got up to look. So there you go.....Livestock. You know how we all have these special little things, maybe habits, whatever they are. Well when I 1st get up each morning, I walk into the bathroom and look out the window, it is the East window and I can check out.....I don't know what. But earlier this week I looked out and there in my garden.....eating something was a hen turkey! Happy as can be. I went in to tell Jim to come look "fast", hoping he would not miss seeing it since I was so proud that it got this close without fear. Jim turned and ran out the back door and scared it off faster then I could realize "oh my goodness, she was "eating something" in "MY" garden. That turkey wasn't cute anymore. Yep, now not only do we have to worry about BAMBIE, we now have TURKEY LURKEY. Livestock? No...No...No....No netting over the top of my garden. Jim just got the electric fence up today. That is enough. Whatever will be will be. That may be what sent the deer across the back of the house. Maybe, just maybe their little noses got a little shock-a-rue. I did get some garden planted the last couple of weeks. The weather was in low 80's for a few days and now we are in the low 30's of a morning and got to mid 50's today. Hope I didn't jump the gun. I may be replanting green beans in a couple of weeks since they are showing their pretty little heads. This is the time of year when I want to have that garden out and ready for growing but it is really too early for some thing. I hope they can tough out this cool spell. We shell see.

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  1. Your garden looks wonderful, you are off to a great season. I my mind, that is a farm. Have a great week, Connie :)