Sunday, March 4, 2012

Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh, it is finally here!

Yes sir ree, I can now say that I am now for sure officially ready. For the Spring gardening, that is. Oh my gosh, I can hardly contain myself. There are plenty of you friends out there that understand my Joy, my Love, my real PASSION. I love to garden! Whether it is in my flower garden or my vegetable garden. Even though we have had an extremely mild Winter this year, able to open the windows a few times, there is nothing like getting those seed catalogs and planning for that 1st time that I get to go out and actually "play in the dirt". especially after a 3 week bout with bronchitis. Well, today I even got a bigger boost....The Lawn and Garden show was a great big shot in the arm for me this year. As I was walking out of the show, I saw a table with a book on it. I kept looking at had my name on it. You have to understand, I have a very unusual name, "Roxie", yes it is spelled with "ie not y". There just aren't many of us and with that spelling. OK, I will have to confess, I know of 3 horses and 8 dogs with my name, oh and yes, there are those who have make a living dancing with poles. Anyway, I decided to stop and talk to Mike and Roxie. I found out that they live just a few miles away for here, in the old town of Lenexa, KS. I enjoyed my visit with her and her husband Mike. They were about to go on the stage and talk. Since I was headed out they gave me their notes for their stage presentation. I bought their book about gardening. I have attached their blog page to my favorite blogs. Please go and visit it. I was pleased to give them a tip on keeping deer from gardens. Since they live too far inside the city, they don't experience the deer "problem". I

"I tie the white plastic bags to metal re-bar rods, which we use to tie up plants, make climbing fences, etc with. Well these white bags work great during the early Spring and Summer when it is windy and the deer aren't sure what is blowing in the wind."

Yes, we finally have to put the 8' electric fence into place. I know, you think it is inhumane.....well, you wouldn't think so if you planted a big garden, 100' X 100'and the deer got in and destroyed all your hard work, leaving you unable to replant since the Spring planting season was well past. We have had many laughs about our deer problem, then it really gets old and we have to get serious.
You betcha, I have the gardening fever. Please don't give me the aspirin. I am so excited to start fighting Bambi!


  1. Love the post Roxie. Sounds like your armed and ready to do battle with the deers and the Kansas weather. While your planting your 100'x100'foot garden plot I'll be tending my 8'x8' plot. I know it sounds like an afterthought but its the only place in my yard the gets enough sun...

  2. Roxie,
    Welcome back...I've missed your post!!! You and my husband, I do swear (really I don't) the two of you are in your "element" in the great out of doors! Just today, he cleaned out two flower beds! Gotta' love him! I'll be back to see what's growing in your garden, dear, sweet, precious friend!
    P.S. Thought about a row of Sunflowers...just saying! Ha!

  3. Hi.......I just found your blog, and No, after planting a garden that large, I would not wish to feed the deer either. I've just become your newest follower and will be back to see pics of the deer..uh, the garden.
    Please come visit me at and maybe you'll follow back. THANKS. 8-)

  4. Good luck with the deer. Sounds like you have a huge garden planned. It sounds wonderful. I wish that I had the space and the sunshine for it. I've tried my hand at gardening and I love it, but my yard gets so much shade that I really think it's a loosing battle. I'll be back to watch your garden grow. Have a great day! Connie :)