Monday, October 18, 2010

No one likes to say Goodbye

I have been very busy preparing my yard, vegetable garden and my flower gardens for the end of Summer, or should I say putting them to sleep for the Winter.  I absolutely love the Fall season, with the cool evenings and the warm days.  The trees across the road from us are so beautiful.  When the afternoon and sun is shining bright, they actually brighten up my living room.  I enjoy looking out of my large living room window and watching as the beautiful appearance of the new rich reds and orange and yellow colors added with the lingering green colors are so captivating that I think I can watch the colors change.  The pungent smell of the smoke from the small leaf fires in the neighborhood is just another reminder I love, as long as that smoke, does not make its way into my house.  Of course the reason that the smoke would be entering would be because of the open windows.    Another of my favorite things is having open windows.  Praise the Lord that we don’t have allergies, making us have our windows closed all the time.  Nope, give me the chance to open my house windows with the beautiful weather and the outdoor sounds and I am a very happy woman. 

I have been cutting back all the flowers that need their Fall trimming and all of the garden vegetables have been pulled, mulched and tilled under.  Yep, absolutely nothing left in the vegetable garden.  It looks sad yet beautiful at the same time.  No more fresh vegetables grown by our own hands but I am loving it that the ground is now resting and will be ready for the early Spring plantings, something to look forward to during the long Winter months.  And you can count on it, I will be planning it during those months. 

While walking the dog down the road I am spotting all kinds of bugs and yes I enjoy seeing all of those cool woolly worms, who doesn’t like seeing the woolly worms every fall.  This year they are dark on each end and light brown in between.   Isn’t this supposed to mean something?  I know the old farmers used to predict the Winters by such things.  I know that last Fall they were all very black and we had the worst Winter since I was young.  So now help me out here……..Does that mean that this year with have a rough Winter at the beginning and the end and calm in between?  Just asking.

Soon the Fall rain season will come and the leaves will fall to the ground and the temperatures will start dropping both days and nights. 

Yes, even though I love the Fall, I have a melancholy feeling during this time of the year. It must be because I am sad to say goodbye to all the flowers still blooming in the flower gardens.  Honestly, I am never ready to say those goodbyes. 


  1. Again the pictures are great! I liked your first font better though.

  2. Roxie,
    What a lovely post of Fall colors On Cottage Hill! A colorful reminder to all of us to take time to enjoy the season before it's but a memory! Keep thes wonderful post coming!

  3. Thanks Pat. Cherie, I am having quite a time making sure everyone can see the font with this background. One of these days I will get it all figured out. Maybe:)